New inventions have brought the world to the moon. There have been such inventions in the world that the beholder is astonished. Social media is an ever- growing sector and it is dominated by big players like Facebook, Snapchat ,etc. we can observe that it van be found that a staggering 42% of the world’s population has at least one social media account.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Become the winner of the game, to stay on the top of the game, one needs to fulfils their user’s demand’s and constantly keep up with all the latest happening trends. Here one and most important thing is that such trending topic is Virtual Reality and thus the question arises.


How Close Is This So-called “ FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA”?

Future of Social Media


For that,  we must say it is very near. In the next couple of years, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be introduced to more practical applications in the marketing world. Humansare visual creatures and clearly, pictures, videos and immersive content are mostly the future of social media. Coming years AR and VR will become an essentially component of many marketing campaigns, so many companies need to look at aspects in which these techniques are incorporated in their marketing campaigns.

According to the reporters, Facebook, WhatsAPP , Instagram, Snapchat, Bitmoji, WeChat and QQ personal communication applications will utilize A.R in the near future to increase advertising revenue.

How Pop Culture Deals with This?

pop culture

In like fashion, we are going to discuss an example to understand better about V.R, if you are into sci-fi drama,  then you probably may have heard about “ Black Mirror”. In which an episode is called ‘Nosedive’ depicted how society has developed into a situation where social presence is appreciated above real emotions, character and individuality. In this platform and social presence that we are talking about is achieved by giving and receiving each other personal ratings. Actually, it is basically Instagram or Facebook came into life.A person who posts vacation, workout and portrays good deeds finds himself/ herself in the top rung of the society , while a person who shares of aversion from ideal behavior, finds himself/ herself at the bottom rung of this society.


About the Study:

If we get a glimpse of this future, Facebook IQ also studies the impact of participants accessing V.R via an Oculus Rift headset on a cornerstone of human communication, just as one -on-one conversation. On the other hand Neurons Inc divided 60 participants who have not met before in pairs and assigned half to a short conversation in virtual reality and half to do so a person. All the participants of this category wear headsets to analyze their brain signals and measure their level of comfort and engagement. All participants of this group easily set in a train and a car and naturally start conversation. All marketers have to find other key and to learn more about how marketers can prepare for living in a virtual world.

Participants quickly felt at ease in virtual reality

Many of our virtual reality participants describe themselves as late adopters and many of them has never experienced virtual reality before, it means they are biggner inthis field. Instead of this, the average EEG results for participants in the virtual reality group which has to express consistently positive motivation levels two and demonstrated cognitive effort levels three that decreased over time.



  • By using computer – generated imagery, at this stage we can note there are no limits aside from money and imagination when creating other worlds , product demos and spaces in novel and interesting ways.
  • When we apply to education, VR makes it easy and more comfortable.
  • VR users can experiment with artificial environments and get pleasures.


  • Content creation tends to be customised and, oftentimes, expensive. Best practices for effective and engaging content creation are still being worked out as well.
  • VR is often an isolating, individual experience – it takes you somewhere else, a place removed from the existing environment. This is the opposite effect of events where one of the main goals is to bring people together and interact in a group. VR is slow for demos. it is important to note that it takes time to configure the headset, to put on/adjust the headset



What it means for marketers

Facebook whichis a big platform believes that in the next 10 years virtual reality will transform how people communicate and experience the world. Check out the recommendations below to help your brand prepare.

  • Keep an open mind about your audience

At this point we can say VR has broad appeal. We can see that our interaction research has revealed that VR is an affective and easy way to communicate with a broad audience. Men , women and other introverts feel to engage in VR and can authentically within it.

  • Plan for unlimited possibility

When we asked the virtual reality all participants in our study how they envisioned themselves by using technology in the future, they will give common response that is connect with friends and family. According to a survey,  people in the US connected themselves by traveling and shopping , entertainment and work. Mean VR play very important role in our lives.

  • Take a spin with 360 video

Take a spin with 360 video. It will take time to understand how businesses can effectively create for and drive real results with virtual reality, which currently has a small installed base of devices and thus low marketing reach. In the meantime, the best way to prepare for this new technology is to experiment with immersive 360 photo and videos that can be experienced through Facebook, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus.


Finally, we can say that Virtual Reality is standing very high in future. Now it is part of every life and in future it will a part of every life. We have discussed every important topic on it which will help our reader to understand about Virtual Reality.